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Conditions Treated

Here are some of the diseases and conditions our expert physicians treat:

Nasal obstruction
Septal deviation
Turbinate hypertrophy
Minimally invasive sinus surgery without nasal packing
Computer-guided sinus surgery
Balloon sinus surgery/sinuplasty
Revision sinus surgery
Radiofrequency ablation of the turbinates
Chronic sinus disease
Pediatric sinus disease
Autoimmune disease
Treatment of empty nose syndrome
Sinus cancers/tumors
Skull base tumors
Repair of brain fluid (CSF) leaks
Allergic fungal sinusitis
Cystic fibrosis
Minimally invasive pituitary surgery
Allergic rhinitis
Post nasal drip
Sinus headaches
Hives (urticaria)
Food allergy
Dust, pollen and cockroach allergy
Mold allergy
Animal allergy (dander)
Eosinophilic esophagitis