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Tell me about Allergies!

Atopic Dermatitis Triggers

Common triggers for AD include food allergy, environmental allergens, skin irritants, and all forms of stress, including overwork, not enough sleep and poor quality diet. 

Common food allergies in small children include eggs, milk, wheat, corn and soy.  You may say- but my child never eats these items!  But once you start reading food labels, you may be surprised at the places these foods occur.  High fructose corn syrup is a sweetener in many foods, including soft drinks and catsup. 

Environmental allergens are either seasonal (pollens) or perennial (present year-round) (including dust mites, cockroach, molds and animal danders).

Skin irritants can be include many things that don't bother normal skin.  Here are some actions that can help!

Keep skin well moisturized- use a hypoallergenic moisturizer.  Using this immediately after bathing will help lock moisture into the skin

Most soaps are too harsh for AD skin- use a non-soap cleanser like Dove.