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Patient Stories

Allergy and Asthma

32 Year-Old Woman
A 32 year old woman was missing 1-3 days of work per month because of asthma symptoms.  She also had a history of seasonal hayfever, present year-round but much worse in the fall.  Medications for her allergies and asthma were failing to control her symptoms.

Allergy skin testing showed that she was allergic to dust mites, cockroach and ragweed.  We discussed how these allergies were triggers for her asthma, so that decreasing her allergy problems would probably lead to better asthma control.

She undertook home environmental changes to decrease her exposure to dust mites and cockroach.  These included coverings for her mattress and pillows, treating the carpet in her bedroom, washing her bed linens in hot water weekly, and using a HEPA filter in her bedroom.  And she started on immunotherapy.  She began monitoring her peak flow at home, letting her doctor know if there was a pattern of decrease, and followed her written Asthma Action Plan.

On 6-month follow-up, she was proud that she hadn't missed a day of work due to asthma problems in 4 months!

Iva Hatten
Iva Hatten was sick of being diagnosed with sinus infections and bronchitis. “I was diagnosed at least three to four times a year,” Iva said. “It almost cost me my job at one time.” She contacted The OSU Medical Center on Taylor Ave, asked for a specialist and was referred to Dr. Minka Schofield. After a series of tests and an x-ray showing blockage, Dr. Schofield performed sinus surgery hoping this would solve the issue. When Iva returned for her visit after surgery, she explained that she was still having trouble breathing and experienced thick mucus. Dr. Schofield then referred her to Dr. Calhoun for allergy testing. Bingo! The tests revealed that Iva had environmental and cat  allergies. 

On January 27, 2010, Iva started on allergy shots and to this day has never missed a treatment. She is able to sit outside when the weather is nice; the coughing and the mucus is much less than before and her quality of sleep has improved tremendously. “My energy level is great.”  Iva said. “I would recommend immunotherapy to anyone that is having problems with sinus or allergies. It works!”

Justin Harris
"After 9 sinus infections in less than a year, I was referred to Dr. Calhoun by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor.  Six months of immunotherapy later my recurring sinus infections stopped, and I haven’t had one for nearly a year!"