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Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

Allergy Drops (Sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT)


Sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy (SLIT) can be used instead of drops.  SLIT has been used extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia for the last 30 years.  It has been shown to be highly effective in treating allergies.  Only recently has it been used in the United States.  Dr. Calhoun has over 5 years experience with treating patients using SLIT.

As with allergy shots, your SLIT vaccine is mixed specifically for you, with only the allergens to which you are sensitive.  You come to our office for your very first dose, and thereafter take your daily drops (even during your escalation) at home.  This is because SLIT is even safer than allergy drops.  When you are at your target dose, you will be using your allergy drop vial to deliver three squirts under the tongue.  You'll hold these there for 2 minutes, then swallow the dose.  

Some people experience mild tingling or itching in the mouth with SLIT.  The chances of a serious reaction are very very small.  

SLIT is relatively new in the US, so there are as yet no FDA-approved manufacturers of vaccines for SLIT.  We use the same vaccines we use to make shots, just placed under the tongue instead.  However, because these vaccines are not yet formally FDA approved for under-the-tongue use, so this is an Off-Label use of these antigens.  SLIT is not covered by insurance.  Compare SCIT and SLIT.