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Tell me about Allergies!

Drug-Free Allergy Treatment

There are a few actions you can take that minimize your exposure to all allergens.

A HEPA filter is a High Efficiency Particulate Arrester that must by definition removes 99.97% of paticles in the air down to a size of 0.3 micrometers, thus taking most allergenic particles out of the air.  These come in different sizes to cleanse the air in various sized spaces, ranging from desktop models to those effective in very large rooms or even an entire household.  Many also find using a HEPA vacuum useful.   

You can improve the air quality in your house by replacing the standard filters in your HVAC system with allergen-removing filters, or you can even use a whole-house HEPA filtering system

When you know you'll be in a sitution around allergens that bother you, consider wearing a mask. This can range from a simple paper N95 mask (type worn in many operating rooms) to an industrial-strength respirator.   

AllergyAchoo has a great selection of heavy-duty allergy masks.  This site also has a useful Mask Buying Guide.  BreatheHealthy has washable antibacterial masks.  

Love open windows in beautiful weather, but suffer with the pollen that comes in through these open windows?  Here is a window filter that will let you have pollen-free fresh air.  

Because the mucus lining your nose is sticky, some of the pollens, mold spores and other antigens you breathe in remain stuck in your nose, continually causing your body to react.  Using salt-water washes is soothing to your nose, and it also helps remove this inflammation-causing stuck pollen, etc.